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Experience my first comicon as an exhibiting creator

I attended my first comicon, exhibiting my work as the creator of The Brink comic book ( at the MCM Comic convention in Birmingham. Firstly, it's pretty scary going to one of these things to display your work. Alot of questions run through your head - what's going to happen? Will people like my work? What the hell am I doing?

To begin with it was surprisingly lonely but the atmosphere was comfortable so getting to know other creators around me was not difficult. Everybody was so friendly anyway. The first thing I did was set up. I took the following items with me and was quite happy with my display: Comics (obviously). I had already placed most of them in plastic wallets with backing board. Prints. Wire cube storage - I attached some comics and prints. Lots of others use these too. Table cloth - this is a requirement at comicons. I bought a cheap black table cloth. Roller banner. A5 sized chalk board and pen - I wrote the price list on one side and '…