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Lessons from my comic book Kickstarter campaign

My Kickstarter comic book campaign - through the eyes of a brand new indie comic book writer and creator.
I started writing The Brink series about two years before I decided to make it into a comic book. I'm not a professional comic book illustrator so had to find one and then there are the subsequent costs which could be anything from £80 per page. So, that's a minimum of £2000 for a 24 page comic book (including the cover).
I was lucky enough to find an artist that liked my story and charged me a little less - albeit, he will be rewarded in the future! And that formed part of my decision to run a Kickstarter campaign. If successful, I could reward my artist. Anyway, I paid for The Brink issue #1: The Urban Cryptid (pt1) myself and then decided I should go ahead with the Kickstarter campaign.
However, I had to decide what I wanted to achieve from the campaign. All I really want is to be able to continue the comic book series. I read lots and lots of advice from comic crea…