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Writing a comic book - sketching and panels.

I decided that I want to create a comic book a few years ago. This is my 4th blog about the process I am undergoing. I had no previous experience of writing for a comic book so this is also part of my learning process.
Last time I talked about how I undertook writing the script. So, when it comes to sketching my comic, I thought that I could cram loads of panels into each page. After all, I am paying for each page so I honestly thought that I could save some cash by having more on each page. 
I looked at various panel layouts on Reddit and Google images for inspiration, but it wasn't until I began sketching that I realised I couldn't just cram in 16 panels on one page and hope it would be fine. It's not fine. It's crap. It looks rubbish and I'd need to significantly reduce my font size for dialogue, you'd need a magnifying glass to read it and that would just be ultra crap.
So, it really depends on what's happening in the story, but I'd say anything up…