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Writing a comic book - creating the script.

I decided that I want to create a comic book. This is my third blog about the process I am undergoing. I had no previous experience of writing for a comic book so this is also part of my learning process.
Last time I talked about how I began writing my story by sketching each page. It was then time to write the script so the artist can create the comic book pages. The sketches really helped my artist understand my vision. He also provided me with plenty of advice which I'll include as I write.
Before I even start writing the script, I now keep in mind the following points : Each page (especially the pages the reader has to turn) must give the reader a reason to read on or turn the page. This could be a cliff hanger or even a simple question that requires an answer. This was a unique part of writing for me and required a good deal of thought for every page. I reduce each part of my story, or chapter of the comic book, to a maximum of 4 pages. My introduction is only 2 pages long b…