13 things to watch at Halloween

Here are 13 of my favourite things to watch at Halloween. Enjoy! House of 1000 corpses
Violent, dark, creepy and disturbing. What the hell am I thinking? Even the thought sends shivers through me. The Shining
Oh yes, this creepy haunted house tale is still a good one. I'd love to see a remake... But they'd have to do an outstanding job! Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors
My first introduction to Freddy Krueger. There are some outstanding scenes in this movie. Blood Drive
This is crazy grindhouse stuff. Fast paced series full of cars, sex, violence and lots and lots and lots of blood. Love it. Michael Jackson Thriller
I see this as a short film, the effects are still impressive and I felt conflicted when it was on YouTube and my young son saw it... So it must be good for Halloween! Antichrist
I only have a few words for this movie because it made me feel very weird when it ended, in fact I almost went insane... Twisted, mental, clever, arty with abit of porn (I shudder whe…

Do you need an ISBN for a comic book?

Hi guys, I'm going to keep this simple because it can get confusing. Since I'm selling my comic book series The Brink online and in print, I need to know what my obligations are because I had heard you need an ISBN. I didn't really know what one was to be honest. I'd seen them on the back of books and assumed that comics used them too because all of the comics I've bought have a bar code.

So, after a lot of research I finally have my answer, but it's not as straight forward as you may think. It really depends on what you want to do with your comic. The first question you need to answer is, what type of comic book do you have? Do you mean each issue of a comic book series? Or maybe you're talking about a collection of comic books - maybe you've compiled six issues into one volume, or maybe you actually have a graphic novel.

Why do I need an ISBN? OK, so very briefly, an ISBN is the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). It is a unique numeric commerc…

Lessons from my comic book Kickstarter campaign

My Kickstarter comic book campaign - through the eyes of a brand new indie comic book writer and creator.
I started writing The Brink series about two years before I decided to make it into a comic book. I'm not a professional comic book illustrator so had to find one and then there are the subsequent costs which could be anything from £80 per page. So, that's a minimum of £2000 for a 24 page comic book (including the cover).
I was lucky enough to find an artist that liked my story and charged me a little less - albeit, he will be rewarded in the future! And that formed part of my decision to run a Kickstarter campaign. If successful, I could reward my artist. Anyway, I paid for The Brink issue #1: The Urban Cryptid (pt1) myself and then decided I should go ahead with the Kickstarter campaign.
However, I had to decide what I wanted to achieve from the campaign. All I really want is to be able to continue the comic book series. I read lots and lots of advice from comic crea…

Writing a comic book - sketching and panels.

I decided that I want to create a comic book a few years ago. This is my 4th blog about the process I am undergoing. I had no previous experience of writing for a comic book so this is also part of my learning process.
Last time I talked about how I undertook writing the script. So, when it comes to sketching my comic, I thought that I could cram loads of panels into each page. After all, I am paying for each page so I honestly thought that I could save some cash by having more on each page. 
I looked at various panel layouts on Reddit and Google images for inspiration, but it wasn't until I began sketching that I realised I couldn't just cram in 16 panels on one page and hope it would be fine. It's not fine. It's crap. It looks rubbish and I'd need to significantly reduce my font size for dialogue, you'd need a magnifying glass to read it and that would just be ultra crap.
So, it really depends on what's happening in the story, but I'd say anything up…

Writing a comic book - creating the script.

I decided that I want to create a comic book. This is my third blog about the process I am undergoing. I had no previous experience of writing for a comic book so this is also part of my learning process.
Last time I talked about how I began writing my story by sketching each page. It was then time to write the script so the artist can create the comic book pages. The sketches really helped my artist understand my vision. He also provided me with plenty of advice which I'll include as I write.
Before I even start writing the script, I now keep in mind the following points : Each page (especially the pages the reader has to turn) must give the reader a reason to read on or turn the page. This could be a cliff hanger or even a simple question that requires an answer. This was a unique part of writing for me and required a good deal of thought for every page. I reduce each part of my story, or chapter of the comic book, to a maximum of 4 pages. My introduction is only 2 pages long b…

Starting a comic book from a writers perspective

I decided that I want to create a comic book. I started this blog because I believe others would find what I have learned useful. I'll add more blogs as I go.
I am always writing. It's a hobby I really enjoy. I have several books that are in progress (novels, novellas, series) which I write in my spare time. One day I'll actually get to finish them but I started to think, maybe I could progress a little quicker if my stories weren't all just purely the written word. I've been working on a paranormal Detective series (with elements of horror) I named 'The Brink' with all kinds of story arcs and I thought this would be great as a comic.
I enjoyed comic books when I was a kid but it's only really been the last few years (now I'm in my 30s) that I've really started to appreciate them. I particularly like The Walking Dead, Black Magik and Rick and Morty. I also began reading Gasolina and The Chair recently too which have been really good. I used to…

Starting a new comic book - The Brink

I decided that I want to create a comic book. I spend a portion of my spare time writing and wanted to try something a bit different. I thought it would be easy... While I've found it fun and enjoyable so far, it's definitely not easy. I'll give you an overview of issue #1 and a little more on the wider context of the story.
The comic book title is 'The Brink'. It's about a Detective who is assigned a new role in the Fringe Services Division of the police in London. The unit was implemented by the Ministry of Defence to investigate criminal cases that contain unexplained or unearthly elements. The reasons the MoD are involved will become clearer (or more intriguing) as the series progresses.
It begins with Detective Sergeant Cameron Beckett being summoned to a meeting with the Commissioner who informs him he'll be working with Detective Inspector Sally Shivers. His goal is to stay objective and report back on the facts of the 'Brink' cases to put a…